Graduate Student Instructors

Ramon De Santiago

Ramón de Santiago researches the trans-Pacific transfer of visual and material culture between South Asia and Latin America in the Early Modern period, with a particular interest in pre-colonial systems of trade in both regions. His theoretical interests include questions of historiography in trans-oceanic systems and visual and material practices. His current project uses multidisciplinary methods to investigate the layers of exchange of objects, goods, and people through world oceanic systems.

Madeleine Morris

Madeleine Morris (2022) studies twentieth-century art of the United States with a focus on the interactions between folk art and modernism. She received her MA from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, in 2022 where she researched interwar US folk and outlier art. Madeleine received a BA in Studio Art and Italian from Vassar College in 2014 and served as the director of Davis & Langdale Company, an art gallery in New York City, from 2016 through 2021. Her research interests include cultural exchange across North American borders, nationalism and national identity, and the...

Angela Pastorelli-Sosa

Angela (2018) studies modern and contemporary Latinx and Latin American printmaking and paper communities. Her research focuses on post-war artist networks that explore the conceptual underpinnings of paper to engage in transnational dialogues about liberation, history, and identity. She received her BA in Art History from Williams College in 2016, and subsequently spent a year in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Drawings and Prints department before going on to work at Rosenberg & Co. art gallery in New York.

Ariana Pemberton

Ariana Pemberton (2018) studies Art and Material History of Medieval South Asia and the Indian Ocean World. Her interests include trans-regional exchanges across the Indian Ocean, eco-conscious histories of non-human animals and the environment, and the use of materiality-based methodologies. She is currently writing her dissertation on South Asian ivory carved objects and the ivory trade of the Indian Ocean world between the eighth and fifteenth centuries CE. She received her BA from UC Berkeley in 2017. In 2022, she completed her MA thesis on the Firuz Minar, a brick and...

Saif El-Dean Radi


Saif Radi studies modern and contemporary art of the Arab world. His research interests include the visual articulations of gender and sexuality, national and transnational identities, and architecture and urbanism. Saif received his BA in Art History and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2018, and previously worked at the Hammer Museum and Frieze Los Angeles art fair.

Krishna Shekhawat

Krishna Shekhawat (2022) studies art history at the intersection of landscapes and water architecture in early modern Thar Desert, India- video link. The research builds on her tenure as Assistant Curator at Mehrangarh Fort Museum and undergraduate innovation project at Miranda House, University of Delhi. She is keen to engage sky, surface and subterranean as her visual archive. A member of the Association of Art Museum Curators, New York, she was also a fellow at their Professional Alliance for...