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Photo of Anthony E. Grudin

Anthony Grudin



Anthony (Ph.D. 2008) is associate professor of art history at the University of Vermont. He is the author of Warhol’s Working Class: Pop Art and Egalitarianism (University of Chicago Press, 2017). His essays have appeared in Warhol: Headlines (National Gallery, 2011), 13 Most Wanted Men: Andy Warhol and the 1964 World’s Fair (Queens Museum/Andy Warhol Museum, 2014), ON&BY Andy Warhol (Whitechapel/MIT, 2016), American Masters (National Gallery of Australia, 2018), October, Criticism, and Oxford Art Journal. He is working on a second book on Warhol and animal life, and coediting a volume on the present prospects of social art history with Robert Slifkin (NYU). 

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