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  • CALL FOR PAPERS — Modern Money: Aesthetics After the Gold Standard


    Modern Money: Aesthetics after the Gold Standard
    Department of History of Art
    University of California, Berkeley
    October 23, 2014

    “Money is the root form of representation in bourgeois society.” So T. J. Clark put it in 1999. Almost aphoristic in its phrasing, the sentence turns on the set of questions it raises – about markets and money flows, about value and abstraction, about whom money belongs to, about the “social reality of the Sign” and the effect money has on artmaking. Money becomes a central form – maybe the central form – of life, inescapable and intractable. The conditions that shape our present and the failure of the Left to devise a practicable response have only intensified the urgency of the proposition and the questions that ground its pivot. Our proposition – the proposition of “Modern Money” – is this: that an obscure genealogy of economic thinking known as Chartalism (the coinage, of 1905, belongs to Georg Friedrich Knapp) alters the constitution of that terrain, obliging us in turn to pose Clark’s questions anew, against the orthodoxies (Left and Right) that have crystallized around them, after as it were the gold standard.

    Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), ... [show more]

    TAGS: Chartalism, Conference, Economics, Graduate, Jordan Rose, Money, T.J. Clark, Yanis Varoufakis

  • Exhibition at the Tate Curated by Emerita and Emeritus

     The August 8th issue of the London Review of Books includes a laudatory review of Anne Wagner and Tim Clark's exhibition of paintings of L. S. Lowry at Tate Britain. It begins:
    Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life, curated by the American art historian Anne Wagner and her British husband T.J. Clark, is the most radical and exciting re-evaluation of a British artist I have ever encountered, and a thrilling display of how paint conveys ideas, time, place, building a self-contained world at once absorbing and convincing in its relation to lived experience. So, more or less (I have tinkered with it only a bit), began Jackie Wullschlager’s review of the Lowry exhibition (until 20 October) in the Financial Times. I was planning to begin with a similar bang myself, but as she went off first I just add my full endorsement.

    TAGS: Anne Wagner, L. S. Lowry, T.J. Clark, Tate Britain

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