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  • Greg Levine Appointed Department Chair

    Photo of Gregory Levine
    Greg Levine with David Smith's "Detroit Queen". Bronze. 1957. Harvard University Art Museum
    The Department of History of Art is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Levine as its Chair, effective August 26, 2020. Levine is professor of Buddhist visual culture and eco art history and member of the Group in Buddhist Studies and Group in Asian Studies. A graduate of Oberlin College and Princeton University, he joined Berkeley’s faculty in 1996. His publications include the books Daitokuji: The Visual Cultures of a Zen Monastery (2005) and Long Strange Journey: On Modern Zen, Zen Art, and Other Predicaments (2017). He has served on the Executive Committee of the Center for Japanese Studies, as a board member of the Berkeley Faculty Association, and member of Senate committees.

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