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  • Chris Hallett To Be Keynote Speaker at Florence Conference

    OUT OF SCALE!  Aesthetic, Technical, and Art Historical Perspectives on Ancient Bronze Statuary
    March 21, 2015
    Sala L’Altana Palazzo Strozzi Scuola Normale Superiore Firenze


    10:00 Registration

    10:15 Welcome

    MARIO CITRONI | Scuola Normale Superiore
    KENNETH LAPATIN | J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
    ANDREA PESSINA | Soprintendenza Toscana
    ARTURO GALANSINO | Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
    LORENZO BINI SMAGHI | Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

    11:00 Morning session

    Chair: GIANFRANCO ADORNATO | Scuola Normale Superiore

    Keynote speaker
    CHRISTOPHER HALLETT | University of California, Berkeley
    The Impact of Roman Collecting on Late Hellenistic Bronzes, Large and Small

    MICHAEL KOORTBOJIAN | Princeton University

    13:00 Lunch

    15:00 Afternoon session

    Chair: KENNETH LAPATIN | J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

    CAROL MATTUSCH | George Mason University, Virginia
    Piecing and Patching: the Dating of Ancient Bronzes

    KYOKO SENGOKU-HAGA | Tohoku University
    The Doryphoros Herm by Apollonios and the so-called Dancers of
    Herculaneum: Use of Plastice in Sculptors’ Workshops

    FABRIZIO PAOLUCCI | Galleria degli Uffizi, Firenze
    Divina et Praesentia Signa.
    Imperial Images in Preciou... [show more]

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  • New Book by Andrew Stewart

    The Department is pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Andrew Stewart, Art in the Hellenistic World.

    From the Cambridge University Press announcement:

    "What was Hellenistic art, and what were its contexts, aims, achievements, and impact? This textbook introduces students to these questions and offers a series of answers to them. Its twelve chapters and two “focus” sections examine Hellenistic sculpture, painting, luxury arts, and architecture. Thematically organized, spanning the three centuries from Alexander to Augustus, and ranging geographically from Italy to India and the Black Sea to Nubia, the book examines key monuments of Hellenistic art in relation to the great political, social, cultural, and intellectual issues of the time. It is illustrated with 170 photographs (mostly in color, and many never before published) and contextualized through excerpts from Hellenistic literature and inscriptions. Helpful ancillary features include maps, appendices with background on Hellenistic artists and translations of key documents, a full glossary, a timeline, brief biographies of key figures, suggestions for further reading, and bibliographical references."

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