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Professor Emeritus, T.J. Clark. Photo: Erin Babnik.
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Judith Stronach Graduate Travel Seminar to London and Madrid, 2012
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Graduate students William Coleman and Cristin McKnight Sethi in the History of Art/Classic Library
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Berkeley Art Museum, UC Berkeley
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Professor Todd Olson at the British Museum. Judith Stronach Graduate Travel Seminar to London and Madrid, 2012.
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Assistant Professor Sugata Ray in the classroom

Special Graduate Study Opportunities

Judith Stronach Graduate Travel Seminar

If your interests include art and travel, Berkeley’s History of Art Department has a fine tradition of graduate travel seminars, research around the world and participation in international symposiums.

The Travel Seminar is made possible by a generous gift to the department from the Estate of Judith Lee Stronach. The Department would like to express its warmest thanks to the donor and her family.

Past Seminars


London and Madrid


Instructors: Todd Olson

The Spring 2012 seminar began as a graduate reading group in Fall 2011 that examined the mutual impact...

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Tudor and Neo-Tudor Design In England

Newsletter_2013_2013 10 10 2

Instructors: Elizabeth Honig, Margaretta Lovell

The seminar to England gave students an opportunity to visit some of the great Tudor Homes such as...

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Greek and Roman Art on the Bay of Naples


Instructors: Andrew Stewart, Christopher Hallett

This years trip to Italy gave students the opportunity to explore the remains of the luxrious past of...

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Instructors: Diliana Angelova

This past year’s Travel seminar involved a weeklong intensive tour of the city’s monuments, both ancient and modern, journeyed across...

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