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Professor Emeritus, T.J. Clark. Photo: Erin Babnik.
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Judith Stronach Graduate Travel Seminar to London and Madrid, 2012
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Graduate students William Coleman and Cristin McKnight Sethi in the History of Art/Classic Library
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Berkeley Art Museum, UC Berkeley
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Professor Todd Olson at the British Museum. Judith Stronach Graduate Travel Seminar to London and Madrid, 2012.
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Assistant Professor Sugata Ray in the classroom

Financial Support

Graduate Student Instructors (GSI)

Teaching is considered an important part of graduate training,  and each student in the program will normally serve several times as an instructor.


  • Applications for GSI appointments are distributed each spring, usually in March or April.  
  • Appointments are announced before the end of the spring semester.
  • First-year graduate students do not normally serve as GSIs.

To qualify as a GSI  

  • Students in Western art must have satisfied both language requirements.
  • Students in Asian art must have satisfied one language requirement and be making good progress in the second.
  • Students in Ancient art must satisfy their Modern language requirement and be making good progress with their ancient language requirement.  
  • Before teaching begins, all students must clear from their record any incomplete grades more than a year old. Moreover, per Graduate Division policy, GSIs may not have more than two incompletes at the time teaching begins.

First Time GSI  

  • All first-time GSIs are required to attend an orientation workshop sponsored by the University, as well as the pedagogy course offered in the department each year.
  • Mandatory training and pedagogy sessions are offered at the start of each semester for all GSIs.
  • First-time international GSIs must pass an exam to demonstrate English language proficiency.


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