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History of Art graduate students visit India as part of the 2019 Judith Stronach Travel Seminar

HA Judith Stronach Travel Seminar
Participants of the 2019 Judith Stronach Travel Graduate Seminar at the Sé Cathedral in Goa.

The Spring 2019 Judith Stronach Travel Graduate Seminar: Indian Ocean Art Histories: Goa; Bombay; Kochi taught by Professor Sugata Ray visited India during the Spring Break. Bringing together art history, environmental humanities, and maritime history, the Seminar took as its theme the social, cultural, and economic significance of oceanic waters. The Indian Ocean – the third largest water body and the world’s oldest cultural continuum that has facilitated the mobility of people, objects, and ideas over millennia – served as the locus of study. Over the course of a week, students in the Seminar visited three port cities in India to map the ways in which oceanic networks shaped and continue to shape artistic production. Participants of the Travel Seminar will present their research papers at a symposium in honor of the Seminar’s benefactor, Judith Stronach on April 23, 2019.

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