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Exhibition at the Tate Curated by Emerita and Emeritus

Exhibition of paintings by L.S Lowry

 The August 8th issue of the London Review of Books includes a laudatory review of Anne Wagner and Tim Clark’s exhibition of paintings of L. S. Lowry at Tate Britain. It begins:

Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life, curated by the American art historian Anne Wagner and her British husband T.J. Clark, is the most radical and exciting re-evaluation of a British artist I have ever encountered, and a thrilling display of how paint conveys ideas, time, place, building a self-contained world at once absorbing and convincing in its relation to lived experience. So, more or less (I have tinkered with it only a bit), began Jackie Wullschlager’s review of the Lowry exhibition (until 20 October) in the Financial Times. I was planning to begin with a similar bang myself, but as she went off first I just add my full endorsement.

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