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V-Lab Workshop: Introduction to Image Forensics

Image of Dog in foreground with fighter jets and house in background.

10:00 am | 12/4/2020 | Live on Zoom | Until 12:00 pm | 12/4/2020

Justin Underhill

Digital photographs are the dominant medium of the twenty-first century. Yet, the indexical quality of the photograph–the trace of an encounter between an illuminated surface and an image sensor–is increasingly compromised by technologies capable of generating fraudulent or misleading images. The artifice of these pictures is often undetectable to the naked eye. This workshop will introduce students to some of the tools used to analyze forgery and image manipulation (such as the tools used in Photoshop, Facetune, etc). 

No prior coding/image processing/graphic design experience needed; all are welcome.

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Registration will close at 12pm PST on December 3.

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