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V-Lab Workshop: Introduction to Augmented Reality for Artists and Art Historians with Artivive

Woman views painting in a gallery with a tablet using Augmented Reality

12:00 pm | 9/30/2021 | Live on Zoom | Until 1:00 pm | 9/30/2021

Francesca Albrezzi, PhD, Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC), UCLA

Augmented reality (AR) is the layering of computer-generated perceptual information onto real environments. The experience requires a level of interactivity and sensory engagement. AR is being adopted across the fields of architecture and engineering, as well as adopted by artists and curators to make creative connections between our shared reality and that of innumerable virtual worlds.

This workshop will introduce participants to the design and mechanics of augmented reality. We will focus on working with images, bringing digital objects into live environments through the use of the Artivive app. Attendees will create free Artivive accounts and learn to create an AR animation. No prior technical experience necessary.

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An art historian, curator, and digital humanist, Dr. Francesca Albrezzi works as a Digital Research Consultant at UCLA’s Office of Advanced Research Computing and teaches for the Digital Humanities program. She researches digitally immersive technologies used in GLAM organizations and is affiliated with the College Art Association’s educational committee, Art History Teaching Resources, and the Digital Art History Journal.  
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