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Ukraine Fights On: One Year Later!

Maria Prymachenko. Beast of war, the 1970s. Private coll.

9:30 am | 3/21/2023 | Webinar | Until 10:45 am | 3/21/2023

Ukrainian Publishers and Literary Critics Speak

In this second event, women publishers and literary critics from Ukraine will update us on the current state of publishing, the different strategies they are using to mitigate the tragic circumstances of their war, and how publishing has evolved since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Date: Mar 21, 2023

Time: 9:30  am PDT 12: 30  pm EDT 19:30 Kyiv Time

Duration: 1 hr 15 min.

Language of Event: English.

All are welcome with prior registration. 

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Iryna Baturevych 

IB is a co-founder of the Chytomo media project (NGO), the largest independent media covering publishing and contemporary literary and cultural processes in Ukraine. Before her current role, she was a deputy director and head of the Ukrainian Book Institute analytical department, the publishing markets observer. She is a co-organizer of the Ukrainian Reading and Publishing Data 2018 research. Since then, along with Emma Shercliff, she has served as a consultant and co-organizer of the research Publishing sector in Ukraine. She was co-author of the report The Ukrainian Book Market: Prospects and Opportunities and was the coordinator of UBI’s research.

She has represented the Ukrainian publishing market at more than 15 international events, including the most prominent book fairs and forums, including Frankfurt (Germany), Bologna (Italy), and Salon du livre (Canada). Iryna’s articles have been published in the biggest Ukrainian media (, Day Newspaper) and professional media abroad (e.g., Publishing Perspectives). She is active in international and Ukrainian discussions such as Is There Room for Culture? Challenges of Ukraine’s Nascent Cultural Diplomacy Today, organized by Ukrainian Research Institute Harvard University.

Anastasia Bilousova

Anastasia Bilousova is an editor and project manager at RODOVID Press publishing house in Kyiv. She holds a degree in Theory and History of Culture from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Since  2016, she has edited the Contemporary Ukrainian Photographers Series. To name a few, Out of the Blue by Kiril Golovchenko (2016), Pearly Gates by Anastasiya Lazurenko (2017), Lullaby 1 by Katya Lesiv (2017), From Dusk Till Dawn by Sergey Melnitchenko (2018), Violin by Yevgeniy Pavlov (2018), and Andrii Dostliev and Lia Dostlieva’s, I still feel sorry when I throw away food – Grandma used to tell me stories about the Holodomor.

The latest edited volume by her is MYPH / Mykolayiv Young Photography (2022). In 2017, Anastasiya started a series of publications of artists’ autobiographical texts with Malevich: Autobiographic notes 1918–1933 (2017) and The Knight, the Lady and Avant-garde. Jean-Claude Marcadé in conversation with Valentyna Klymenko (2019).

Lidia Lykhach 

Lidia Lykhach is the executive editor and founder of RODOVID Press. She has created publishing projects that bring to light some of the most important elements from the cultural history of Ukraine. These projects include more than thirty albums, catalogs, and monographs in Ukrainian, English, and French. Among these are several important series, notably “Contemporary Ukrainian Photographers” and “Ukrainian avant-garde/modernism.” She has co-authored several publications, such as Folk Icons from the Land of Shevchenko (Rodovid Press, 2000) with Mykola Kornienko and the art album Roman Petruk (Rodovid Press, 2007) with Mykola Shtok.

For more than 25 years, RODOVID PRESS has specialized in publications on art history, contemporary art, photo books, and art souvenirs.  RODOVID’s monographs, albums, catalogs, and calendars are offered in at least two languages or separate editions of Ukrainian, English, or French.


Aglaya Glebova

Aglaya Glebova is an Associate Professor in the History of Art at the University of California, Berkeley. She teaches and writes on modernism, particularly Soviet art and visual culture. Glebova is the author of Aleksandr Rodchenko: Photography in the Time of Stalin (Yale University Press, 2022), which reconsiders the relationship between art, politics, and technology during a period usually understood as the end of the critical Soviet avant-garde. Her writing has also appeared in the journals Art History and Representations, among others. She is now at work on a project that examines ideas of economy, energy, and exhaustion in Soviet art and architecture. At Berkeley, Glebova is also an affiliate of the Slavic Languages & Literatures Department. In 2023, she is the President of the Society of Historians of Eastern European, Eurasian and Russian Art and Architecture (SHERA).

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