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Sandy Rodriguez: Codex Rodriguez – Mondragon


8:00 pm | 2/5/2019 | 308A Doe Library, UC Berkeley | Until 10:00 pm | 2/5/2019

Sandy Rodriguez

Join Los Angeles based Chicana artist Sandy Rodriguez for a lunch talk about her latest series Codex Rodriguez-Mondragon. She will discuss how she arrived at this body of work, including: the role of field study, research, politics, ethnobotany, chemistry, interdisciplinary collaborations, civic engagement and art history in her practice.

Lunch will be provided.

About the speaker:
Sandy Rodriguez is an artist and independent educator. Her artwork investigates the methods and materials of painting across cultures and histories. Her most recent work includes the Codex Rodriguez-Mondragón, a bioregional map and series of paintings about the intersections of history, color, medicine, and cultura. Her landscapes capture moments of transformation in the social, political, and cultural landscape of Los Angeles, with a focus on themes of resistance, persistence, and cultural regeneration. She was raised in San Diego, Tijuana, and Los Angeles. Rodriguez earned her BFA from California Institute of Arts and designed and administered education programs and resources for numerous museums and arts organizations since 1998.

Presented by The Department of History of Art, the Latin American Art and Literature Group and the Center for Latin American Studies University of California.


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