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Raj Rewal | Alternate Modernity: Space, Structures, Sustainability and Traditional Values

Library for the Indian Parliament, New Delhi
Library for the Indian Parliament, New Delhi

5:00 pm | 10/9/2019 | 10 Stephens Hall, UC Berkeley | Until 7:00 pm | 10/9/2019

Speaker: Raj Rewal, Architect. Moderators: Andrew Shanken, Professor of Architecture and Acting Vice-Chair for Faculty, College of Environmental Design; Atreyee Gupta, Assistant Professor of Global Modern Art and South and Southeast Asian


Sponsors: Institute for South Asia StudiesSarah Kailath Chair of India StudiesSouth Asia Art Initiative, Department of History of Art, College of Environmental DesignGlobal Urban Humanities

Raj Rewal’s talk will reference space, structures and sustainability with examples from traditional values that have inspired him and which have relevance to our times.
SPACE: How to reconcile modern rationalism with typologies abstracted from the past to create spaces which link the buildings based on climate and culture Jaisalmer in India, Toledo in Spain, Sienna in Italy are great examples which have inspired my works like Asian games village and National Institute of Immunology.
STRUCTURES: Screens in stone lattice with geometrical perforations are an important feature of Indian architecture with similar examples in Alhambra which have led me to new structural solutions for Lisbon Ismaili Centre, Exhibition complex in Delhi and steel rooftop of the Library for the Indian Parliament.
SUSTAINABILITY: In our new projects we are harnessing solar energy in an innovative way to integrate it as a design element on a vast scale. The design for the Visual Arts Institutional Campus

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