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Intro to Computer Vision and Art History

Computer Vision Project for Art History

10:00 am | 12/15/2021 | Live on Zoom | Until 12:00 pm | 12/15/2021

Ana María Zapata Guzmán (University of The Andes)

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This workshop, led by Ana María Zapata (University of The Andes), will introduce participants to implementations of Artificial intelligence and computer vision in Art History, specially the mechanics of using AI while working with large-scale image collections. Attendees will learn the basics of computer vision and deep learning for art historical purposes. No prior technical experience necessary.

Ana María Zapata is editorial assistant of H-ART. Revista de historia, teoría y crítica de arte, the peer-reviewed, biannual and open access publication of the Department of Art History at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. She studied Art History and Literature at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Alongside her research interest in cultural Latin American magazines and Latin American Networks, she is interested in Digital Humanities and Digital Art History, specially Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and digital publishing. She has five years of experience in publication processes, especially in the editorial, peer-review and design processes for academic journals. In February 2020 she joined the International Journal for Digital Art History as the Editorial Manager for peer review process and layout. 

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