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International Workshop: “The Other and the Others in Europe and Beyond”

Maino magi

5:30 pm | 9/11/2015 | 308A Doe Library

Organized by: Professor Todd Olson and Dr. Borja Franco Llopis
Financed by: VLC/CAMPUS. Valencia International Campus of Excellence, California Campus and sponsored by the Department of History of Art and the Designated Emphasis in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
10.30: Welcome and presentation: Todd Olson and Borja Franco Llopis
Session 1: Chair: Beate Fricke (University of California, Berkeley)
10.40: Conference 1: Borja Franco Llopis (University of Valencia): Art to convert, Art to be destroyed? The problematic coexistence between Moriscos and Old Christians in Iberia and its visual representation (15-17th Centuries).
11.20: Conference 2: Todd Olson (University of California, Berkeley): Ribera, Bartholomew and the Terror of Resemblance
12.00-12.30: Debate
Session 2: Chair: Lisa Trever (University of California, Berkeley)
14.30: Conference 2: Thadeus Dowad (University of California, Berkeley): “Collodion & Ink: Writing Race into Mexican Antiquity with Charnay and Viollet-le-Duc”
15.10: Conference 3: Dr. Cristina Vidal Lorenzo (University of Valencia): “Tikal revisited. Post-abandonment cultural process and the perception of the ruins in Colonial and Contemporary times”

15.50: Debate and conclusions 

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