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Digital Art History Workshops: The New Spatial Composition After Brunelleschi

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4:30 pm | 3/8/2022 | 308A Doe Memorial Library, UC Berkeley | Until 6:00 pm | 3/8/2022

Yassin Oulad Daoud (undergrad, HA, CS)

The purpose of the Spring 2022 Digital Art History workshop series is to brainstorm around faculty and student projects that use or could use concepts, methods, and/or technologies in current digital art history, emphasizing how new questions and new answers can be approached only through these directions and can thereby generate categorically transformative knowledge in art history and visual culture studies. Projects can be very preliminary or fairly polished. The workshops are open to all; they will be conducted in person (health restrictions permitting).

UC Berkeley undergraduate Yassin Oulad Daoud will present his concept of “proactive spatial composition,” which seeks to demonstrate how picture making and designing real architectural spaces became entwined after Brunelleschi’s discovery of linear perspective. He is currently working on how to understand this relationship between real 3D space and 2D representation using digital image analysis.

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