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Digital Art History Workshop: Sculptural Representation

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4:30 pm | 2/22/2022 | 308A Doe Memorial Library, UC Berkeley | Until 6:00 pm | 2/22/2022

Prof. Whitney Davis, History of Art

The purpose of the Spring 2022 Digital Art History workshop series is to brainstorm around faculty and student projects that use or could use concepts, methods, and/or technologies in current digital art history, emphasizing how new questions and new answers can be approached only through these directions and can thereby generate categorically transformative knowledge in art history and visual culture studies. Projects can be very preliminary or fairly polished. The workshops are open to all; they will be conducted in person (health restrictions permitting).

Professor Whitney Davis is working on how to visualize and analyze two distinctive but overlapped features of figurative sculpture—first, the temporal disjunctions in securing different points of view depending on rotational direction, and second, the changing pictorial valences depending on point of view. Examples are drawn from ancient, Renaissance, and modern(ist) sculpture.

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