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Digital Art History Project Spotlight

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5:00 pm | 10/25/2022 | Zoom | Until 7:00 pm | 10/25/2022

Kalen Lee

I was stuck and I found LOVE: Kalen Lee discusses LOVE+: Awakenings

October 25, 5-7 PM PST (Zoom) 

Awakenings. Being queer is an awakening moment in life; through that, we realise ourselves and desire. While artmaking provides a safe space for artists to realise the calling of being in our studios, exhibiting artworks by self-identified queer artists in a public-facing context may also awaken an audience to reflect on their own circumstances. LOVE+: Awakening invites Hong Kong-born or-based artists and includes their works, at best unseen in the public eye, based on the curatorial keyword ‘awakening’, be it a moment to define their identities, their artistic career, of love and desire, or an expression to activate, incite and revive. The exhibition also delineates a timeline of Queer Art in Hong Kong from the 1990s to date. The exhibition is an arts and cultural initiative presented and financially supported by Gay Games Hong Kong 2023 and the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation.

Email to sign up for the talk. 


Kalen Lee (he/his) is an artist-researcher-curator from Hong Kong. He has a background in photography, history of art and new media arts and recently focuses on researching and curating for younger, female, underrepresented and/or queer artists. He found LOVE, an artist-collective for queer and queer-friendly artists in Hong Kong. He is currently an Assistant Dean (Research), at the School of Creative Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

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