Stoddard Lecture Series

Computational Photography Techniques for Object-Based Research

Computational Photography

7:00 pm | 3/15/2019 | 308A Doe Library, UC Berkeley | Until 9:00 pm | 3/15/2019

Carla Schroer, Co-founder and Director of Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI), San Francisco

In this workshop, Carla Schroer will introduce the basics of two methods of computational photography—RTI and photogrammetry–and the extraordinary possibilities they offer for the study of artworks and historical artifacts. Schroer will demonstrate how light alone can be harnessed to reveal surface information unavailable through direct observation. Her talk will also will showcase the applicability of photogrammetry (3-D modeling) for the research, conservation, and documentation of artworks. The presentation includes an overview of the needed equipment, software, basic image collection techniques, and data preservation through Digital Notebook. Schroer is a pioneer and leader in the field of computational photography. She has worked on numerous cultural preservation projects (a Diego Rivera mural, Greek stelai, medieval manuscripts) and taught such workshops around the world. Her talk is not to be missed.


The workshop has received funding from the Stoddard Lecture Series Fund and the History of Art Department at UC Berkeley.

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