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Colonization & Indigeneity: Etruscans & Native Americans

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5:30 pm | 4/18/2023 | 308A Doe Library

Lisa Pieraccini

Dr. Lisa Pieraccini: History of Art Lecturer, Ancient History & Mediterranean Archaeology Affiliate Faculty; Program Coordinator for the M. Del Chiaro Center for Ancient Italian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley; President of the AIA San Francisco Society


This talk seeks to shed light on issues of indigeneity and decolonization between the Etruscans and Native Americans. Looking at the artwork of Italian artist Giovanni Gorgone Pelaya, common paradigms emerge between these chronologically and regionally different peoples. In this transhistorical and global assessment of Pelaya’s work, Pelaya’s prints appear to express how colonizing infrastructures of the old world developed into supercolonial powers in the new world. His prints offer provocative entries into larger discussions of colonialism and decolonization in both America and ancient Italy.

This event will also be live-streamed. To register: Click Here 

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