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BAMPFA | Five Tables of the Indian Ocean

Image from Five Tables of the Indian Ocean exhibit

4:00 pm | 12/5/2019 | UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, 2155 Center Street, Berkeley | Until 7:00 pm | 12/5/2019

From mythical perceptions of vast oceanic waters to porcelain excavated from shipwrecks, from the visual culture of port cities to depictions of marine life, this edition of Five Tables mines the BAMPFA collection to unearth global histories of the Indian Ocean—the earth’s third largest body of water and the site of the world’s oldest cultural continuum, facilitating the mobility of people, objects, and ideas around the world. Curated by students in UC Berkeley Professor Sugata Ray’s Fall 2019 course Introduction to the Art and Architecture of South and Southeast Asia, this presentation explores how such oceanic networks also shaped global histories of art. Free Admission.

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