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Summer 2020

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    Course Number: HA 100 | CCN: 15088

    Theories and Methods of Art History (Session D)

    Joseph Albanese

    Mon-Thurs, 12-2:00pm

    How might you define the term “humanities,” and where does Art History fold into that umbrella term?  Have you ever wondered how Art History came about as a discipline? Perhaps you are interested in social history as it pertains to Manet’s artworks or are wondering about how Feminism can relate to Renaissance paintings.  If you are interested in art, history, philosophy, aesthetics, or any of the above questions, this class will interest you!

    Theories and Methods of Art History will provide you with an exposure to art-historical terms, figures, and ideas in their respective contexts with the goal of preparing you to contribute to scholarship in Art History and other Humanistic fields. Engaging with both new and older texts and works of art in this course will demonstrate the rupturing or adaptability of older theories and methods, the expansion of our own ways of thinking, and various inter-disciplinary approaches in Art History.  Taking this course will allow you to contribute new, relevant, and nuanced ideas and insights to our discipline and others which will help keep them robust fields of research and inquiry.  


    **This course will be online.

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