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Spring 2019

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    Course Number: HA 141C | CCN: 30044

    Hellenistic Art (ca. 336-30 B.C.)

    Andrew Stewart

    Tuesday | Thursday: 12:30 - 2:00pm

     “Hellenistic” means “late Greek,” and this class is about Greek art after the classical period. Completely restructured and revised, and including weekly sections with a GSI, it covers Greek architecture, sculpture, painting, mosaic, and luxury crafts from Alexander the Great (336-323 B.C.) though Cleopatra VII of Egypt (51-30 B.C.), and the conquest of her kingdom by Rome. It spans three centuries, three continents, five major kingdoms, and countless cities, and includes some of the most sophisticated and iconic products of the ancient world. In addition to close study of the major works, we shall examine both their cultural context and key issues such as the arts of power and victory; portraiture and personhood; benefaction; court art and the luxury crafts; piety; erotica; difference, diversity, the abject, and the grotesque; death; and the creative artist. Whenever possible we shall include newly discovered work and will give it special attention.

    This course fulfills the following Major requirements: Geographical areas (A), and Chronological period (I), based on the topic of the final research paper or project.

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