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Undergraduate Upper-Division

Undergraduate Seminar: Homoeroticism and the Fine Arts Course Number: HA 192F | CCN: 05068

Whitney Davis

The course introduces aspects of queer visual culture in the Euro-American tradition, with emphasis on the period from the Enlightenment (late eighteenth century) to the present day.  An introductory unit presents the “classical basis” of modern representations of male and...

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Latin American Art Before Columbus (approx. 2500 BCE-1500 CE) Course Number: HA 188A | CCN: 05000

Lisa Trever

The Western Hemisphere was a setting for outstanding accomplishments in the visual arts for millennia before the arrival of Europeans in the “New World.” This course presents the indigenous artistic traditions of what is now Latin America, from the earliest...

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Race and Representation in Twentieth-Century American Culture Course Number: HA 187AC | CCN: 05036

Lauren Kroiz

This course will fulfill an American Cultures requirement. This class focuses on theories and visualizations of race in the United States during the twentieth century. Class sessions will be organized around chronological case studies of diverse subjects made in varied media...

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Art, Architecture, and Design in the U.S. Course Number: HA 185A | CCN: 04988

Kevin Muller

This lecture course examines art, architecture, and design from the time of the American Revolution up through the present. We will define American art as inclusive of canonical paintings, sculpture, and architecture, but also of lesser-known – though no less...

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Age of Rubens Course Number: HA 173 | CCN: 04955

Elizabeth Honig

Peter Paul Rubens’s contemporaries considered him to be one of the most extraordinary men of his time. Although largely known today as a great painter, Rubens was also a major politician and diplomat, co-architect of important European peace treaties. Moreover...

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The Spectacle of Modernity: Art and Technologies in Late 19th-Century France Course Number: HA 180C | CCN: 04967

Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby

What form can be given to modernity? What were the national, colonial, class and gender politics of modern self-fashioning in late 19th-century French art? On what basis should we evaluate avant-garde practice? This class will focus on the period from...

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Pre-modern Visual Culture Course Number: HA 156B | CCN: 04943

The Gothic cathedral, that most characteristic of medieval creations, has been variously portrayed as a symbol of the Heavenly Jerusalem, a theater for the arts, the supreme example of structural engineering, the reflection of Scholastic ideals, a showcase for “scientific&rdquo...

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Buddhist Temple Art and Architecture Course Number: HA 134A | CCN: 04919

Gregory Levine

This course introduces the art and architecture of Buddhist temples/convents in Japan. Whether as a monastic center, private devotional chapel, or popular urban nexus, the temple/convent has comprised a key religious environment in Japan and has had an enduring impact...

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Histories of Photography: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Photography in California Course Number: HA N182 | CCN: 14655

Session D (Second 6-week session): July 8– August 16, 2013 Topics in 19th- and 20th-century histories of photography; for example, photography in relation to modernism, gender, pictorial genres, or consumerism. In particular, we will focus on the history of photography in...

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Art and Identity in the United States Course Number: HA 187AC | CCN: 14660

Session A (First 6-week session): May 28–July 23, 2013 This course examines a series of artistic formations and critiques of identity among the diverse collection of individuals, cultures, and institutions that composed the United States from the Colonial Era to the...

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Cities in the Arts: Paris Course Number: HA 108 | CCN: 14653

Session A (First 6-week session): May 28–July 3, 2013   This course will examine the visual culture of France during the period between 1852 and 1900 with a particular focus on Paris as it was depicted in the arts of the time...

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