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Big Give 2023 is today!

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Left: Anneka Lenssen's class on Calligraphy. Right: Kappy Mintie discussing a book from the Bancroft Library's Photography Collection as part of a workshop on Reading Photographically Illustrated Texts.

Help Berkeley’s Light Shine Brighter

Today is Big Give, when the entire Berkeley community comes together for 24 hours in support of our students, faculty, and programs.
Your support for the Department of History of Art strengthens our entire community of faculty, students, and staff.
Your gifts enrich undergraduate and graduate student learning and research in the visual arts—elevating diverse artistic histories, crossing geographical and intellectual borders, and shaping vital careers and contributions that honor diverse pasts and create inclusive futures.
You help us sustain our faculty’s distinguished teaching and research and our commitment to art history’s fundamental investigations of visual-material worlds.
Your gifts also support the indispensable work of our dedicated department staff.
Please make your gift before 9:00 p.m. today.
We welcome you as friends of the department and as part of our global community. arthistory.berkeley.edu
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