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Beate Fricke Wins ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship

Beate Fricke (Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley) and Barry Flood (Professor, New York University) have been awarded an ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship for 2016-17. The program provides support to small teams of two or more scholars to collaborate intensively on a single, substantive project. In Object Histories—Flotsam as Early Globalism, Beate Fricke and Barry Flood draw from case studies in the medieval European and Islamic worlds to tackle methodological and theoretical issues of writing histories of flotsam, when the only source one has is a unique surviving artifact, image, or monument divorced from other documentation of its contexts.

Information about the ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship; read more about Professors Flood and Fricke’s project.

TAGS: Beate Fricke, Early globalism, Finbarr Barry Flood, Islamic art, Material culture, Medieval Art, Object-oriented histories

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