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Art History Summer Session Classes 2022

We invite you to take a look at our summer session classes. 

Session A (six weeks, May 23-July 1)

Vintage photo of construction worker climbing cable.

HA 186A | CCN: 15770

Art and Labor: The Visual Culture of Work in Early Twentieth-Century United States 

Amy O’Hearn

Mon-Thurs / 12-2:00pm


Culinary still life

HA N190B | CCN: 15771

Food and Drink in Mediterranean Art

Jennifer Black 

Mon-Thurs / 3-5:00pm


Folk art portrait of a woman

HA 190H | CCN: 14367

Folklore and the Folkloresque in Contemporary Art

Kristine Barrett

Mon-Thurs / 10-12:00pm


Session D (six weeks, July 5-August 12)

Decorative Chinese Plate

HA 34 | CCN: 15774

Mediations and Materials: Art in China

Susan Eberhard

Mon-Thurs / 10:00-12:00pm


Indian ivory sculpture from the Middle Ages

HA 190C | CCN: 15776

Bronze, Ivory, and Dragon’s Blood: Making the Middle Ages in the Indian Ocean World 

Ariana Pemberton

Mon-Thurs / 12:00-2:00pm

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