Project Lead:

Elizabeth Honig

Project Team:

Jess Bailey, Lynn Cunningham, Stephanie Moore, Kathryn Stine


Project Description

Responding to the growing need for storable, shareable, and networking capable art history data, OpenArt will put digital cataloging tools in the hands of visual culture researchers for free. A joint effort between UC Berkeley’s History of Art Department, the Visual Resources Center, and the Digital Humanities Initiative, the team brings together perspectives from academic research, library and curatorial data science, and computer science. The cataloging structure in development will help realize small budget projects with a variety of research goals, providing metadata standards through integration of the Categories for Describing Works of Art (CDWA) and the Getty Vocabularies (AAT, TGN, and ULAN.) Options for customization, addition of relevant data elements, and locally defined taxonomies are also being incorporated. OpenArt will provide the base cataloging structure necessary for utilizing methodological techniques of the Digital Humanities such as data visualization or network analysis, all openly sourced and distributed.

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