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New Digital Image Order Form

Posted by (Lynn)

We have created a new form for requesting digital images. The form will replace the multitude of order forms we currently use — our hope is that it can function as a singular form for all types of orders. The form can be used for either personal orders or collection orders. However, if you are requesting a combination of personal images and collections images from the same book, please fill out two separate forms and specify the order type on each form.

The form is electronic, and available for download here. I will post the form on our blog and our website for easy access. You may either print out a copy of the form and complete it by hand, or fill it out on your computer and then generate a printed copy. The form can only be saved in PDF format if you wish to save a copy on your computer. As always, please bring the completed form into the VRC along with the corresponding materials you wish to have captured digitally.