UC Berkeley History of Art Department

308A Lecture Space

The History of Art department has a lecture space in Doe Library for lectures and special events. The room is located in 308A Doe, inside the Art History/Classic Library on the 3rd floor. The room is equipped with a digital projector with VGA or HDMI input, DVD/BluRay player, flexible seating, movable tables, whiteboard, lectern, dimmable lighting, AirBears wireless, Ethernet - DHCP, voice amplification and an assistive listening system. A video-conferencing system is also available with a Mac mini, large-screen monitor, speakerphone pods and gotomeeting or Skype software. The room seats 49.

To reserve the room, please complete the request form.



VRC Equipment Loans

The VRC offers equipment loans to History of Art Faculty and Graduate Student Instructors. Equipment may be reserved throughout the semester on an as-needed basis, but will only be loaned out during the class-time. Instructors are expected to use their own laptops for teaching, but may borrow VRC laptops for occassional use, if needed.

Available equipment includes:

  • Video-conferencing system (with 55" monitor; mac mini; webcam; speakerphone pods & document camera)
  • Macbook Pro laptops
  • Macbook Air laptops
  • DSLR camera
  • iPad mini
  • USB headsets
  • USB wireless remotes
  • Ethernet cables
  • Document camera
  • VGA cables
  • Mac VGA adapters
  • PC VGA adapter
  • ipad VGA adapters
  • iphone VGA adapters
  • Portable digital projector
  • Portable projector screens


Classroom Equipment

Departmental Classrooms
The VRC maintains audiovisual equipment in departmental classrooms, which include Doe 425 and 308B, as well as Moffitt 104. Please contact the VRC staff at 510-642-5474 or via email if you need assistance with the equipment in these rooms or would like a classroom orientation.

The equipment in these rooms includes:

  • High-resolution digital projector
  • VGA cables for both Mac & PC
  • HDMI cable (only Doe 425)
  • 35mm slide projectors (only Doe 308B)
  • DVD/CD players (only Doe 308B)
  • VHS player (only Doe 308B)
  • Air Bears WiFi

You must provide your own laptop or reserve one from the VRC.


Moffitt Classrooms
The equipment in the Moffitt classrooms is maintained by campus Educational Technology Services (ETS). Contact ETS at 510-643-8637 to report any problems with equipment in these classrooms. If you experience equipment problems during your lecture, contact the ETS staff at 510-643-8637 and they will dispatch a classroom technician to arrive within 5-10 minutes. To arrange a classroom orientation with ETS, you may contact them here.

The equipment in these rooms includes:

  • High-resolution digital projector
  • VGA cables
  • HDMI cables
  • Mac VGA adapter
  • Document camera
  • Blueray DVD players
  • VHS players
  • Wireless Lav Mic
  • AirBears WiFi
  • Ethernet ports

You must provide your own laptop or reserve one from the VRC.

102 & 106 Moffitt:

The projectors in 102 & 106 Moffitt are an extremely high native resolution1920 x 1080 60hz
Note:  In order to project at 1920 x 1080 the computer must be set to extended desktop mode with "mirroring" turned off. Only new laptops have graphic cards which support this high a resolution so we suggest using 1440 x 900 in most situations.

101 & 103 Moffitt:

The projectors in 101 & 103 have a native display resolution of 1024 x 768  60hz