UC Berkeley History of Art Department

The Minor Program in the History of Art is designed to provide a structured and broad program for those students majoring in other disciplines but with a strong interest in the History of Art. Students minoring in the History of Art will take at least 5 courses (Upper Division Lecture or Seminar) with a minimum grade of C (total of 18-20 units). Up to two of these courses may be 3 unit courses. These should include courses in 2 separate chronological periods and 2 different geographical categories as specified below. 

Geographical: 1) Europe and the Mediterranean; 2) Asia and the Pacific; 3) The Americas; 4) Middle East and Africa; 5) Trans-cultural.

Chronological: 1) Prehistoric-1200; 2) 1200-1800; 3) 1800-present

Recommended: Students minoring in History of Art are strongly encouraged to also take a lower division lecture course in art history and a course in art practice/materials. Students may also apply one Summer Session course to their minor requirements.

Residency Requirements: A minimum of 3 required upper division courses must be taken in the History of Art Department at Berkeley. 

Note: Work for the minor must be completed within the 130-unit minimum limit for graduation. Courses accepted for a Minor Program may also satisfy L&S breadth requirements. A maximum of one course may be used to satisfy requirements of both a student's major and minor.