UC Berkeley History of Art Department


Graduation requires:
  1. A degree check in L&S: A degree check from the Office of Undergraduate Advising should be done the semester before you graduate to make sure you have completed L&S requirements.
  2. Departmental Advisor’s approval: In order for students to be cleared by the Department for completion of the major, all categories on the major advising form must have the advisor’s initials as approval for coursework taken.
  3. Contact the Office of the Registrar in Sproul to confirm that you have completed requirements for Subject A, American History & Institutions, and American Cultures.
  4. Placing yourself on the Degree List: You must declare your candidacy to graduate during the semester in which you plan to meet all your degree requirements. You can do this through Tele-BEARS when you enroll for classes for your final semester, or by filing in person at the Office of the Registrar in the first five weeks of your final semester


For information about the History of Art Commencement ceremony, please see the Commencement page: http://arthistory.berkeley.edu/programs/undergraduate-commencement/