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Graduate Student Instructors (GSI)

Teaching is considered an important part of graduate training,  and each student in the program will normally serve several times as an instructor.

  • Applications for GSI appointments are distributed each spring, usually in March or April.  
  • Appointments are announced before the end of the spring semester.
  • First-year graduate students do not normally serve as GSIs.

To qualify as a GSI  

  • Students in Western art must have satisfied both language requirements.
  • Students in Asian art must have satisfied one language requirement and be making good progress in the second.
  • Students in Ancient art must satisfy their Modern language requirement and be making good progress with their ancient language requirement.  
  • Before teaching begins, all students must clear from their record any incomplete grades more than a year old. Moreover, per Graduate Division policy, GSIs may not have more than two incompletes at the time teaching begins.

First Time GSI  

  • All first-time GSIs are required to attend an orientation workshop sponsored by the University, as well as the pedagogy course offered in the department each year.
  • Mandatory training and pedagogy sessions are offered at the start of each semester for all GSIs.
  • First-time international GSIs must pass an exam to demonstrate English language proficiency.