UC Berkeley History of Art Department

Financial Information

Multi-Year Fellowships:
Most multi-year fellowships are awarded at the time of acceptance to Berkeley. There are, however, additional fellowships for students further in their graduate study, and for graduate students whose backgrounds and educational interests enhance the level of diversity within the Graduate community. See the Graduate Student Services Advisor or Graduate Fellowships Office for more information. 

Graduate Fees:   

  • Graduate fees are $8,592.25 per semester for the 2015-16 academic year. 
  • Non-residents students are assessed an additional $7551 per semester.
  • New doctoral students are charged an additional Document management fee of $100.

Foreign Nationals:
Foreign students (non-immigrants) can never be exempted from non-resident tuition. However, after advancement to candidacy, non-resident tuition may be reduced by 75% for a total of three consecutive calendar years.

Departmental Assistance:
The department works with all its students to obtain continuous support through a combination of resources.

  • Students not awarded University fellowships or extramural support will usually be required to serve as a GSI one semester of each year to be eligible for support in the other semester of each year. 
  • Students who have advanced to candidacy are required to apply to outside sources of funding and must provide a copy of all applications made when applying for departmental support of any kind.
  • Generally, no department funding will be awarded after the seventh year, and seventh year-funding will usually consist of teaching appointments only.
  • Exceptions to these policies will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Fellowships Chair in concert with the student's advisor.

For more information on fellowships, contact Blaine Jones or visit the Graduate Division Fellowship website. In recent years students have been successful in obtaining such grants as the Javits, Kress, Fulbright, Social Science Research Council, American Association of University Women, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, Getty Predoctoral, National Gallery/CASVA, Fulbright and many others.