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  • Sabrina Maras

    Assistant Adjunct Professor

    Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology

    Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (Near Eastern Studies), 2009 

  • Bio

    Dr. Maras received her PhD in ancient Near Eastern art and archaeology from UC Berkeley in 2009, with a special emphasis on ancient Persia and first millennium empires of the ancient Near East. Her primary research interest is in examining how iconography was used to create identities and manipulate social structure and power in the pre-Alexandrian world. Dr. Maras has taught courses in art history and archaeology at UC Berkeley and St. Mary's College; conducted research at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute as a member of the Persepolis Fortification Archive Seal Project; organized and chaired sessions on ancient Iranian art and archaeology for ASOR (2011); and was invited to present a public lecture on the architecture and art of Cyrus the Great in honor of the Cyrus Cylinder exhibition held at the Asian Art Museum in the fall of 2013. Dr. Maras has had the great fortune to participate in excavations at several sites in Anatolia, and has also surveyed in Armenia. She has spent many lonely but exhilarating hours in museum archives around the world, conducting research on excavated material dating to Achaemenid rule of western Asia. Currently she is working on a book which examines iconography in the context of constructing social identity during the reign of Darius the Great.