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  • Jessica Stair

    Graduate Student Instructor

    • Location:

      Free Speech Movement Cafe
      Mondays, 1:30-2:30pm & 3:30-4:00pm and Wednesdays, 3:30-4:00pm

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      e: stairjes@berkeley.edu

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    Jessica is a PhD candidate focusing on the art of Colonial Latin America with a designated emphasis in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies. She is co-advised by Todd Olson and Lisa Trever. Jessica is currently conducting research on her dissertation, Textual-Pictorial Literacies in the Techialoyan Manuscripts of New Spain, which examines the relationship between text and image in a corpus of seventeenth-century indigenous manuscripts from Central Mexico. She is particularly interested in the ways in which images played a crucial role in the formation of autochthonous history and identity at a time when alphabetic script had almost completely supplanted the picture in indigenous records. Jessica also serves as a co-organizer for the Townsend Center for the Humanities Working Group: Latin American Art and Literature Working Group.