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  • Uranchimeg (Orna) Tsultem


    Art of Mongolia and Tibet
  • Bio

    Uranchimeg (Orna) Tsultem served as an Assistant Professor at the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture in 1995-2002 and as Associate Professor at the National University of Mongolia in 2012-2014. She has curated Mongolian art exhibitions internationally: Tsukuba, Japan (1997), New York, NY (2000), Bonn, Germany (2001), Hong Kong (2011), 9th Shanghai Biennale (2012), 56th Venice Biennale (2015). As a graduate student at UC Berkeley, she worked on Mongolian prehistoric art and Buddhist art. She received her Ph.D. in History of Art from UC Berkeley with a dissertation entitled "Ikh Khüree: a Nomadic Monastery and the Later Buddhist Art of Mongolia." She currently also co-chairs the Mongolia Initiative Program at the Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, and is working on her two manuscripts on Mongolian Buddhist art. Orna was appointed as "Cultural Envoy of Mongolia," an honorary position from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia in September 2016.

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