Travel & Entertainment

Direct Bill ID (Prepayment for Airfare):

Faculty in Rhetoric, Film & Media, and History of Art can request a Direct Bill ID to be generated for either themselves or a sponsored guest by clicking hereOnce the Direct Bill ID has been created, it will be emailed directly to the traveler and they will be able to contact UC Travel either via phone 877-885-8632 (within U.S.) or 818-238-4445 (outside the U.S.) or email: to book their trip. This will allow the department to provide payment for the airfare so that the traveler does not need to pay out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed.


Faculty in Rhetoric, Film & Media, and History of Art can request an honoraria for their visitor by clicking here. Please note your visitor may need to be set up as a Vendor in order to be paid. You can find additional information here.

Reimbursements and Payments:

For all of these requests, please make it clear whether the expenses should be charged to departmental funds or your own research funds or some other source; if out of your funds, please indicate which if you have a preference.

Entertainment Reimbursement Request 

To request reimbursement for entertainment expenses for which you've paid out of pocket (e.g., restaurant meals with colleagues or students, deli or supermarket food for a reception after a talk, etc.), please submit the completed form  to

Additional information on required documentation is located here.

Travel Reimbursement Request

To request reimbursement for your travel, please go here. Please note that the program code that should be listed on your funding chartstring will always be 40.

Do you need help using the system? PDF of step by step instructions or Videos.

Entertainment Vendor Payment Request

To request payment directly to a vendor such as Market Hall or Ann's Catering, please submit the final invoice to along with the Entertainment Purchase Order form.