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2015 Judith Stronach Travel Seminar Symposium

Diliana Angelova and Beate Fricke

Student participants in this year's Travel Seminar to Istanbul, Turkey will present their research papers at a symposium in honor of the Seminar's benefactor, Judith Stronach.


  • Kristen Kido, "Light, Liturgy and Byzantine Aesthetics in the Hagia Sophia Deësis Mosaic"
  • Andrew Sears, "From Constantinople to St. Louis"
  • Christopher Bonura, "The Scribe John Malaxos, Post­ Byzantine Greek Manuscripts, and the Prophetic Topography of Constantinople"
  • Grace Harpster, "Efficacy of Monumental Sculpture between Byzantine, Constantinople and Counter Reformation Italy"
  • Jon Soriano, "Bloody Mary of the Mongols"
  • Shivani Sud, "At the Juncture of East and West: Istanbul's Sireci and Haydarpasa Terminals"
  • Thadeus Dowad, "Excavating under the Sultan's Eye: Photography at Ancient Sidon"


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