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2014 Judith Lee Stronach Travel Seminar Symposium

Student participants in this year's Travel Seminar to the Bay of Naples will present their research papers at a Symposium in honor of the Seminar's benefactor, Judith Stronach.  The Symposium will end at approximately 1:00 p.m. (refreshments will be served at a break in the program).

Schedule of presentations:

Professor Andrew Stewart: Opening Remarks

Professor Christopher Hallett: Hellenism and Luxury on the Bay of Naples: A Travelogue

  • Kelsey Turbeville: "Cultivated Interiors at 'Villa A' at Oplontis"
  • Aaron Brown:  "Pisciculture as Spectacle in the Praedia of Julia Felix"
  • Sarah Smith: "Diadems are a Girl's Best Friend: Jewelry in Pompeiian Portraiture"
  • Caroline Cheung: "Metamorphoses and Salvation in the Cult of Isis at Pompeii"
  • Eric Driscoll: "Theatrical Aesthetics: Nature and Culture at the Edges of the Roman House"
  • Miriam Said: "'Panhandling:' Pan and the She-Goat from the Villa of the Papyri"
  • David Loer: "Luxury on Show: The Suburban Baths at Herculaneum"
  • Amanda de Joinville: "Reflections of Wealth on Pompeiian Walls: Technique, Materials, Pigment"
  • Kevin Moch:  "The Dionysiac Bronzes from the Atrium of the Villa of the Papyri"