UC Berkeley History of Art Department


Summer 2015

  • R1B Section 1 | CCN: 14605Reading and Writing about Visual Experience: Goya’s Pictorial Techniques of Reportage and Critique

    Kailani Polzak

    In 2013, the Pinacothèque de Paris exhibited a large selection of prints and paintings by the Spanish artist Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes as part of a series called “Painters, Witnesses of their Time.” Yet several …

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  • R1B Section 2 | CCN: 14610Reading and Writing about Visual Experience: Hauntings

    Caty Telfair

    Ghosts, literal and metaphorical, are found in the blurry boundaries of understanding, memory and identification: on the fringes of science; between selves and histories both personal and cultural; between people and the objects they create or …

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  • HA N100 | CCN: 14615Theories and Methods of Art History

    Charles Oliver O'Donnell

    Required for majors in History of Art. As an academic discipline, art history is constantly evolving. While this fact seems rather banal and commonplace in our fast-paced, science-dominated 21st century, it points towards an important and …

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  • HA 108 | CCN: 14620Cities and the Arts: Beijing and Shanghai

    Rosaline Kyo

    Beijing, with its long imperial history in northern China, and Shanghai, a relatively young port city to the south, present two contrasting cases of the complex relationship between urban spaces and the arts in China. While the northern …

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  • HA N182 | CCN: 14630Histories of Photography

    Alexandra Courtois de Vicose

    Define photography. Go ahead. Not as evident as it seems? One of the reasons may be the staggeringly quick evolution of the technology behind the production of pictures and the multiplicity of roles these images were/are made to play. The …

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