UC Berkeley History of Art Department


Fall 2014

  • HA 200 | CCN: 05150Graduate Proseminar

    Elizabeth Honig

    The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the way in which art history developed from the late 19th through the late 20th century, and to allow them to frame art history’s current practices with that development in mind. …

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  • HA 203 | CCN: 05153Material Culture—The Interpretation of Objects

    Margaretta Lovell, Patricia Berger

    This seminar looks at both material culture theory and the practice of interpreting objects in the West and in Asia. It draws on the practices and questions of multiple disciplines including archaeology, anthropology, cultural geography, and art …

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  • HA 285 | CCN: 05159Regionalism, Nationalism, Globalism

    Lauren Kroiz

    This seminar will focus on critical models of place and its influence developed in the twentieth and twenty-first century – an era in which many have nostalgically lamented the demise of the local. Considering various ways we might …

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  • HA 290.1 | CCN: 05162Feminist and Queer Theories in Art

    Julia Bryan-Wilson

    This course proposes that recent art objects and artistic actions have helped catalyze and shape advanced feminist and queer thought, and asks how recent practices in the visual arts have been understood within theories about desire, activism, …

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  • HA 290.2 | CCN: 05165Silent Archives

    Sugata Ray

    The 1980s arrival of an archive fever, le mal d’archive, saw the development of new methods of fieldwork and research in visual studies and art history. This, in turn, provoked a questioning of the conceit of the archive as a panoptical …

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  • HA 290.3 | CCN: 05168Formalism, Aestheticism, and Eroticism in Modern Art-Writing

    Whitney Davis

    This seminar investigates the relations between formalist procedures, aestheticist philosophies, and erotic investments in art-writing from the eighteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. How did major modern art-writers deal with the erotic …

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  • HA 298 | CCN: 05209Special Seminar - "Money and Representation"

    This seminar will begin on Wed 9/24 and end on Wed 10/22. “Money,” T. J. Clark has written, “is the root form of representation in bourgeois society.” The proposition turns on the set of questions it raises, about …

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  • HA 375 | CCN: 05249Teaching History of Art Pedagogy

    Gregory Levine

    Instructor approval required. This seminar satisfies a University-wide requirement that all first-time Graduate Student Instructors take a pedagogy course. It can be taken concurrently with a first teaching assignment or in the semester before …

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