Spring 2019

  HA 190B/Classics 172 | CCN: 26532

Art and Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age

Kim S. Shelton

Tuesday | Thursday: 2:00 - 3:30pm

Introductory overview of the art and archaeology of ancient civilizations of the Bronze Age (3000-1100 BCE) Aegean: Crete, Cyclades, Mainland Greece, and Western Anatolia. Intended to expose to the sites, monuments, art, and artifacts of these cultures and understand the way a variety of evidence is used to reconstruct history. Emphasis also is placed on comparison of enigmatic and evocative cultures and material evidence to see how each evolved and to define similarities and differences.

This course fulfills the following Major requirements: Geographical areas (A), and Chronological period (I), based on the topic of the final research paper or project.