Summer 2018

  HA N11 | CCN: 16049

Western Art from the Renaissance to the Present (Session D)

Matt Culler

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 2:00 - 4:00PM

This course is an introduction to the visual arts of Western Europe and the USA from the 14th-century to the present day. While various mediums of art-making will be discussed, we will primarily focus on what are often referred to as the fine arts: painting, sculpture, and architecture. This course will situate works of art into long, general trends in art practice of the Western tradition, all the while prioritizing single case-studies which punctuate the five centuries which the course covers and exemplify general approaches to art-making on physical and conceptual levels. We will explore how the fine arts can be considered as part of wider visual culture(s) in the Western tradition, indeed how labels like “fine art” come into being, and the ways art within such a broad tradition can function both as a stabilizing and as a transformative force within social/political/religious/racial/ etc contexts. 

Meets Arts & Literature, L&S Breadth