Spring 2018

  HA 203 | CCN: 39364

Mellon Graduate Seminar: Material Culture: The Interpretation of Objects

Margaretta Lovell,

Monday | 2:00 - 5:00pm

This seminar looks at both material culture theory and the many ways scholars understand, 'read,' and interpret objects. It draws on the practices and questions of multiple disciplines including archaeology, anthropology, cultural geography, and art history. It considers painting, architecture, works on paper, textiles, metal objects, ceramics, clothing, baskets, and objects of wood, We will consider the variety of ways and contexts in which objects have been understood to 'speak' as aesthetic vehicles and as cultural texts. Taught by a faculty member who has extensive experience as a museum curator, this class will combine theory with hands-on learning. Students may enroll for 2 units (without final paper) or 4 (with final paper).