Summer 2017

  HA N80 | CCN: 15543

Introduction to Modern Art (Session D)

Jez Flores

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 12:00 - 2:00PM

This course will offer a general overview of the history of twentieth-century art. We will begin with a brief look back into dominant trends of the nineteenth century and will conclude in the 1970s. Although many accounts of Modern Art tend to focus on US and European artists, we will also consider modernism in a global setting. The first three weeks tackle European modernism, week four shifts to the United States, and a global approach—which both builds upon and challenges the Eurocentric model—concludes the course. Through this course students will develop an understanding of the progression of modern art and the conditions for its development. 

Meets Arts & Literature, L&S Breadth
Meets Historical Studies, L&S Breadth