Spring 2017

  HA 240 | CCN: 32045

Mellon Graduate Seminar: Greek and Roman Art in the Hearst Museum: The Neuerburg Bequest

Andrew Stewart, Christopher Hallett,

Friday | 9:00 - 12:00pm

This is an object-based course held under the auspices of the Mellon Curatorial Preparedness Program. It will focus on the bequest to U.C. Berkeley in 1997 of almost two dozen boxes of ancient artifacts by the distinguished classical archaeologist, architectural historian, and architect Norman Neuerburg (1926-1997):,_Norman; These materials, which include Greek, Etruscan, and Roman pottery, terracottas, bronzes, and other artifacts, have never been studied and catalogued: this will be the task of our seminar. The agenda will include a funded 2-day field trip to Neuerburg’s architectural masterpiece and the repository of his personal papers, The Getty Villa.