Spring 2017

  HA 100 | CCN: 15903

Methods and Theories of Art History

Whitney Davis,

Monday | Wednesday: 5:00 - 6:30pm

This course is required of majors in History of Art. It reviews major paradigms of art-historical method and theory in relation to relevant developments in philosophy, aesthetics, history, anthropology, and other disciplines. Topics include antiquarianism, the legacy of critical idealism, stylistic analysis and connoisseurship, formalism, iconography, visual studies and vision science, gender in the arts, world art studies, digital horizons in art history, and neuroaesthetics among others. The course is appropriate for students who have taken lecture and/or seminar courses in various fields of art history (e.g., in Modern Art or Asian Art) and/or in closely cognate subjects (e.g., in Classical Archaeology, Critical Theory, or Aesthetics). It is not suitable for students with no background in art history; it is not a first course in or introduction to the history of art.