Spring 2016

  R1B Section 2 | CCN: 04956 | 4 Units

Reading and Writing about Visual Experience: The Body in Avant-Garde Art, 1850-1940

Caty Telfair

MW 1230-2P, 104 MOFFITT

The art world in the second half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth was a tumult of controversy, debate, wild invention and stubborn reactionism that resulted in the radical transformation of centuries-long conventions of artistic production. Absolutely central to those conventions were ideas about how to correctly and responsibly portray the human body. As ideas about subjectivity, attitudes toward modern society, and the understanding of what it meant to be human changed, artists transformed the aesthetics, iconography and symbolism of the human body in representation. This class will concentrate on the ways in which representations of the body changed, from the monumental canvases of Courbet to the frenzied iconoclasm of the surrealists. We will be concentrating on a number of themes and case studies, all of which will involve reading texts that approach the challenge of interpretation very differently.

This class will also prioritize close reading and analysis of the texts themselves, and we will therefore be introduced to the broader spectrum of ways to look at and to think and write about art. We will also be practicing the basic skills involved in researching, reading and writing effectively in an academic context.